GIS has moved from being a niche technology into a mainstream platform for Business Intelligence and Spatial Analytics. Many of GIS academicians are also working as GIS Knowledge Experts and playing a critical role by actively consulting various government organizations on GIS and the role it can play in various government initiatives. It is this thought leadership of GIS academician that is bringing a positive impact to the Indian society. In this Symposium, GIS academicians and industry experts will come together and share their GIS knowledge on adoption of geospatial technologies and will take collaborative measures for promoting teaching excellence in GIS teaching and Research.

The National Symposium will focus on setting out innovative trends and technology driven attitude through the ideas shared by industry and academia experts. Focus will be made in understanding the concepts of Geospatial Technology and how it can be useful in bringing the world together through participation of both academia and industry. People from academia, government and industry will join hands and discuss about the emerging trends in geospatial, those goals of industry and the role of academia in reaching. Vision on GIS industries and trends, deciding roadmaps in GIS and have better visibility in working together for the benefit of both academia and industry.

Themes of the Symposium 

  • Geospatial Industry Trends and Prospects

    Geospatial Industry – Projects Management

    Emerging Geospatial Industry Ecosystem

    Leverage Business Opportunities

    Futures of Open Source in Geospatial Industry

  • Geospatial Education: Challenges and Opportunities

    Teaching Methodologies and Modalities

    Need of Standardization of Syllabus

    Mainstreaming Geospatial Education

    Self-Pace Professional Learning

  • Government, Governance and Geospatial Technology

    Mainstreaming Geospatial Technology

    National Geospatial Policies and Programmes

    Enabling Smart Governance

    Civic Services System

  • Geospatial Technology Advancements

    Position to Precision

    Innovation to Implementation

    Data Services & Emerging Technologies

    Realizing IoT Vision

  • Geospatial Data Infrastructure

    Geospatial Data Resolutions

    Data Acquisition and Sharing

    Geospatial Data Visualisation

    Open Government Data

  • Career Opportunities

    Research Career Development

    Career Development Opportunities in India

    Experience Using Geospatial Technology

    Independent Consulting & Start-up in Geospatial Technology

  • Panel Discussion on Industry Academia Collaboration – SWOC (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Challenges)